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All brakes, whether wooden blocks from the 19th century or modern anti-lock brakes, were designed to perform one crucial function, make your vehicle stop! The team members of Matthey Automotive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, have a complete understanding of how important it is to have a flawless braking system. In 2001, our owner, Jud Matthey, was able to open an automotive shop that offers exceptional brake work, as well as all other motor vehicle repairs, to the community. Our goal is keeping our customers safe and happy. We manage to meet that goal time and time again, which led us to the decision to open a second location. Our two locations in Cherry Hill and Collingswood, New Jersey, are only 4 miles apart. If we can’t assist you in one, we’ll be sure to assist you in the other. If your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, needs professional brake care, call us at . You don’t have to worry about arranging a ride since we pick up and deliver, and offer shuttle service and loaner cars.

The Importance of Brake Repair

When we need to stop, we depend on our vehicle's braking system to bring us to a smooth, complete stop. That is the most obvious reason why maintaining and repairing brakes is so critical. If our brakes are in good condition, we feel safe and are likely to avoid accidents and more expensive work in the future. Prevention maintenance is the best way to prevent a break down in the braking system! The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians at Matthey Automotive in Cherry Hill know exactly what to look for while inspecting and working on your vehicle. If you're not clear on whether your brakes need servicing, take note of unusual sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.

Sights - While visual warnings of bad brakes can be difficult to pick up on if you aren’t an expert, it’s not a bad idea to take a look for yourself at your car’s brakes. If you see pools or drops of fluid under your car, that can be a visual cue that you need repair.

Sounds - Grinding, scraping, and squealing noises when applying the brakes likely mean your brake pads are worn down and need replacing.

Smells - Anytime an unusual odor is coming from your car, get it checked out. If the smell is similar to burn hair or carpet fibers, there's a good chance your brakes need servicing.

Sensations - Faulty brakes create all kinds of abnormal feelings. Pulling to one side, a soft, sinking feeling, or vibrating and shaking when applying the brakes often indicate brake trouble.


In any of the above situations, it's best to have your car looked at by professionals. Matthey Automotive's ASE certified mechanics are just the expert technicians you'll want on your side. Make an appointment today, and take advantage of all we have to offer at 1931 Olney Avenue #400. When you drop your car, truck, or van off, we'll take you back home or to your place of work. If you can't bring it to us, we'll pick it up, and if roadside assistance is necessary, we'll be there for you. We eliminate inconveniences so you can go on about your day without any added stress. We won't overcharge you or suggest unnecessary repairs, and we'll keep you updated while your vehicle is in our shop. Come on in and find out for yourself what all the 5-star ratings are about.