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The thing about brakes, whether 19th-century wooden blocks or modern anti-lock brakes, they were all invented to perform the single most important function on a vehicle, make it stop! The team at Matthey Automotive in Collingswood, New Jersey, understands how critical it is for the brakes on all makes and models to be in 100% working condition. Since 2001, our team members have been keeping members of the community safe by performing exceptional brake work, alongside all other motor vehicle repairs. We keep our clientele happy and safe. If your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, needs brake work, call us now at to schedule a service time. Don’t worry about arranging a ride, we pick up and deliver, or get you where you need to go with our shuttle service.


The Importance of Brake Repair

The most obvious reason why brake repair is important is, when we need to stop, we count on our vehicle's braking system to bring us to a smooth and complete stop! It's just that simple. When brakes are in good working condition, we're left feeling confident and satisfied, knowing we are safe, and will likely avoid the need for expensive repairs down the road. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent brake failure. Matthey Automotive's ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians know what to look for when inspecting and servicing the braking system on any car, truck, or SUV. If you're unsure of whether or not your brakes need tending to, pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of your car.

Sights - The first visual warning to be on the lookout for is an illuminated brake light warning on your dashboard. Hopefully, you just forgot to release the parking brake and won't have to give it another thought. If, however, you see pools or drops of fluid under your car, it could be a sign of brake trouble.

Sounds - Grinding, scraping, and squealing noises when applying the brakes likely means your brake pads are worn down and need replacing.

Smells - Anytime an unusual odor is coming from your car, get it checked out. If the smell is similar to burn hair or carpet fibers, there's a good chance your brakes need servicing.

Sensations - Faulty brakes create all kinds of abnormal feelings. Pulling to one side, a soft, sinking feeling, or vibrating and shaking when applying the brakes often indicate brake trouble.


In any situation, it's always best to leave brake service performance to the experts. Matthey Automotive's ASE certified mechanics are just the professionals you'll want taking care of you and your car. Make an appointment today and take advantage of all we have to offer at 100 W Crescent Boulevard. When you drop your car, truck, or van off, we'll take you back home or to your place of work. If you can't get it to us, we'll come to you for pick-up, or perhaps roadside assistance. We iron out all possible inconveniences, so you don't have to worry about a thing. We’ll never overcharge you or suggest unnecessary repairs either. Explore our other services too, and then come find out for yourself what all the 5-star ratings are all about.