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The check engine light is like a love-hate relationship. On one side, you drive along comfortably, knowing you’ll be alerted if there’s a problem, and that gives you confidence. On the other side, if that little light shines, there’s a good chance you’ll stress over all possible setbacks. Matthey Automotive, in Collingswood, New Jersey, loves taking the worry out of their customer’s lives. If the check engine light comes on, don’t panic. Bring it on over to 100 W Crescent Boulevard, and our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics will figure it out for you.

Common Causes

The check engine light is the most common warning symbol on your dashboard, and although a flare-up can be quite alarming, don't sweat over it, but don't ignore it. This light typically alerts drivers to minor problems, so they don't become major problems. If this light is activated, it's your vehicle's computer system telling you something is wrong. Often, it's simply due to a loose gas cap. In this case, tighten it up, make sure the light goes off after several minutes, and you're good to go. It may, however, be due to a spike in the catalytic converter's temperature, or a problem with the oxygen sensor or spark plug. A steady light usually indicates a minor issue, while a blinking light cautions a more serious problem. The check engine light is unique in that its warning covers a wide range of matters, so having it checked by a professional at Matthey Automotive is your safest course of action. Your car, truck, or SUV is always in competent hands while with our team of experts in Collingswood, New Jersey.

How We Handle It

Our state of the art equipment communicates with your vehicle's internal computer system. It then retrieves a code that aligns with a particular fault. The trouble code is the key to figuring out exactly what needs to be fixed. Without performing this diagnostic test, it's often difficult to accurately identify the true reason for the warning. Once aware of the issue, our team of expert technicians will share their findings and help you develop a plan that fits you and your family's schedule and budget.

The best-case scenario will be if your car, truck, or van will be with us for only a short time. If you need to leave your vehicle for a longer stay, we do all we can to make your life easy. We provide shuttle service, pick-up and delivery service, and loaner cars. Never wait to have your car diagnosed if the check engine light turns on. Its only function is to make you aware of a small problem, so you can get it taken care of before it becomes a big problem. Call Matthey Automotive in Collingswood, New Jersey today at to schedule your check engine light service.