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Can the Check Engine Light be a False Alarm?

Can the Check Engine Light be a False Alarm?

Reasons the Check Engine Light Indicator May Not be as Bad as You Think

The check engine light on your dashboard is one of the most ubiquitous warning signs on your vehicle. The reason you see a check engine light can be anything from a missing gas cap to a major problem that could lead to catastrophic engine failure. Another reason the check engine light is illuminated could be that it’s a false alarm. While that might sound like something to hope for, the truth is, if the light is on, something is wrong with your vehicle’s systems. In fact, the problem could be with the engine control module (ECM), which is a critical part of your vehicle. It’s the computer that controls everything. If the ECM mistakenly turns on the check engine light because there’s a problem with the ECM itself, it’s critical you take your vehicle to a certified service center for inspection, diagnostics, and repair as soon as possible.

Those Pesky Sensors

In addition to a fault with the ECM, the check engine light might be illuminated to let you know there’s a problem with sensors in the various systems of your vehicle. Perhaps you had a sensor replaced, but the quality was not good on that sensor, and it has failed. It might even be that the wrong sensor was installed, and the ECM is reading that incorrect sensor as a fault in the system. Even original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts fail, so having an OEM sensor installed isn’t a guarantee that it won’t fail. Depending on the age of your vehicle, the check engine light could come on to tell you that your sensors are worn or failing. All these sensor issues are only a part of the reason for the check engine light.

Other Causes

There are other, more serious reasons the check engine light might come on, including problems with engine oil levels, transmission system issues, and coolant system problems. The only way to know for certain what’s behind the check engine light is to take the vehicle to a certified service center like Matthey Automotive in Collingswood, NJ, to have the vehicle inspected and hooked up to diagnostic equipment.

Take Your Car to Matthey Automotive

If you’re in the Collingswood, NJ area, the team at Matthey Automotive is here for you when your check engine light comes on. Give us a call today to make an appointment for a check engine light diagnostic inspection. Our technicians use the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in the shop to read the error codes connected to the check engine light. We’ll then let you know what maintenance service and auto repairs they recommend to clear the check engine light and make certain your vehicle is running as it should.

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