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Coming Out of Quarantine? Your Vehicle Might Not be as Ready as You Are!

Coming Out of Quarantine? Your Vehicle Might Not be as Ready as You Are!

Now that the stay at home order has been lifted, many of us will be venturing out for the first time in weeks or even months!  Probably one thing that isn’t top of mind is having your vehicle serviced.  Even idle vehicles need serving.  There are several issues that could arise once we get back behind the wheel.

All Charged Up!

We have all had those times when we jump in the car after an extended time away, turn the ignition, and hear the “click, click, click” of a dead battery.  To prevent that from happening, a vehicle should be started at least once per week to maintain the connection between your battery and alternator.  Otherwise, you could come out find you are not going anywhere!

De-Gunk Your Oil

Imagine you just fried some chicken.  Now imagine letting that oil just sit in the pot for a few weeks untouched.  Pretty bad right?  The same thing can happen in our vehicles if they sit too long.  In order to prevent the oil from deteriorating, you should continue to change the oil at regular intervals, even when you are not driving the vehicle as often as you are accustomed too.

Pump the Brakes!

The last thing on our mind is our brakes.  You haven’t driven anywhere in weeks, so what could possibly be wrong with the brakes, right?  One common issue would be rust beginning to form on the rotors, especially if the vehicle is kept outside.  Something as simple as taking a short drive on a weekly basis will help prevent rust buildup.

Don’t Flatten Out

OK, all the above makes sense, but the tires should be fine right?  Well, NOT SO FAST!  When tires sit idle for long periods of time, they can develop flat spots, which could lead to a rather bumpy ride.  This is just another reason why taking that weekly spin around the neighborhood is a good idea.

Now is the perfect time to bring your vehicle to one of our two locations, in either Collingswood or Cherry Hill for a routine check-up.  Just like our bodies, proper maintenance of our vehicles will keep them in excellent running condition.  Let the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Techs at Matthey Automotive perform these checks and more so you do not end up with bigger, more costly problems, which would further extend your stay at home order.  

Visit us online or call our shop in Collingswood (856) 559-7566 or in Cherry Hill (856) 242-8967 today to schedule your appointment!  

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