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How Do I Know if My Radiator is Bad?

How Do I Know if My Radiator is Bad?

Signs of a Damaged Radiator

Have you noticed the temperature gauge on your dashboard keeps climbing? This could be a sign you’re having problems with your coolant system. The coolant system on your vehicle helps transfer some of the heat from your engine out into the environment to keep the engine from running too hot. You might have a problem with your radiator if the temperature in your engine is rising, or there might be some other issue with the coolant system that needs repair. It’s important to inspect your radiator regularly. If you’re noticing rust on your radiator, you’re likely going to need repairs. When there is rust on the outside of the radiator, there is likely rust on the inside as well. When mixed with engine coolant, rust creates a thick sludge that affects the coolant’s ability to cool your engine. You’ll need to have the contaminated coolant flushed from the system and replaced, as well as have a new radiator installed. If you find a puddle of green fluid under your vehicle, you have a coolant system leak that will need repair. You may be able to have the leak patched if it isn’t too large, but you should take your vehicle to a certified service center like Matthey Automotive in Collingswood, NJ, where trainied technicians can inspect and diagnose the problem before giving you a recommended course of action to fix the problem.

What You Need to Know About Damaged Radiators

If you’ve confirmed that you have a problem with your radiator, you might be wondering how dire the issue is and how long you have to fix it before the problems get bigger. The truth is, if the temperature gauge shows your engine is overheating, you’ve passed the point where it’s safe to drive your vehicle, and it’s time to have it towed to a certified service center. If you’ve found a small leak, you can likely drive the vehicle to the service center, but don’t put off the necessary repairs for any length of time, or you risk a catastrophic coolant system failure that can lead to engine failure and other expensive and time-consuming auto repairs.

The Matthey Automotive Team

The Matthey Automotive team in Collingswood, NJ, is here for you, no matter what auto repairs your vehicle might need. At the first sign of trouble, bring your vehicle to the shop and speak with us about the repairs or maintenance you might need. We arehappy to help you set up a maintenance schedule to minimize major auto repairs and to do those repairs should they be necessary.

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