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What is Uneven Brake Wear?

What is Uneven Brake Wear?

What You Need to Know About Uneven Brake Wear

Brake wear is usually gauged by the thickness of the brake pads on your vehicle. Brake pads are consumable parts, meaning they are meant to wear down over time as part of their function. Under normal circumstances, the wear on your brake pads should be approximately equal on all your brakes. There will be small differences in wear as part of the normal way brake pads work, but sometimes you’ll find wear on one brake is far more advanced than on the other brakes. This could mean you have deeper problems with your vehicle than needing new brake pads.

What Causes Uneven Brake Wear?

One of the causes of uneven brake wear is disc thickness variation. This means that the rotors on the separate wheels of your vehicle have different thicknesses. Because the pressure applied by the calipers is set by a standard rotor thickness, disc thickness variation means the brake pads are pressed against the rotor with more or less pressure than they would be if the rotors were all the same thickness. Faulty calipers can also be responsible for uneven brake wear. When the seal on the piston on the caliper deteriorates, the caliper no longer presses the pads against the rotors with the same pressure. Misaligned brake pads can also cause uneven brake wear.

Take Your Vehicle to Matthey Automotive for Brake Repair

The team at Matthey Automotivein Collingswood, NJ is here for your brake repair needs. Taking your vehicle to Matthey Automotive is the best way to diagnose the cause of uneven brake wear. Our technicians will inspect the brake system, diagnose the cause of your problems, and make recommendations for repairs to get your vehicle back on the road and driving as safely as possible. Call us today to make a brake repair appointment, or stop by the shop to speak to with us about your brake repair needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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